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RTL Training Program

Mastering Digital Circuit Design

Join Our Exclusive 8-Week RTL Training Program

Join our comprehensive 8-week RTL Training Program, tailored for professionals seeking to excel in digital circuit design. Dive deep into the world of Verilog and ASICs with expert-led sessions.

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Apply before 7 March to avail an early bird discount of 20%

Course Outline

  • Digital Circuits with Verilog: Learn to create cutting-edge digital circuits using the Verilog synthesizable subset.

  • Design Process & HDLs: Understand the crucial role of Hardware Description Languages in modern design methodologies.

  • Simulation Insights: Gain insights into simulation processes, including a focus on VCS (Verilog Compiled Simulator).

  • ASICs Exploration: Explore various types of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

  • Verilog Essentials: Receive a comprehensive overview of Verilog for practical applications.

  • Circuit Design: Delve into combinatorial and sequential circuits, uncovering the naunces of each.

  • Coding Styles & Best Practices: Learn coding styles and how to avoid simulation/synthesis mismatches.

Meet your instructors

Personal picture

Faisal Haque

Founder and CEO - Imparé

  • Over 30 years of experience in verification and design.
  • Key roles at Intel, Cisco, and Qualcomm.
  • Co-chaired the SystemVerilog sub-committee and authored three books.
  • Developed world-record-setting Cisco CRS-1 router.
Personal picture

Dr. Arshad Riazuddin

Principal Engineer - Imparé

  • Over 30 years in high-paced computer systems, IP, and ASIC companies.
  • Experience in managing design centers and leading design & verification teams.
  • Expertise in HW/SW partitioning and technical support in sales.

What you'll learn

  • Master how to create Digital circuits using Verilog Synthesizable subset.
  • Learn the design process, the integral role of HDLs, and simulation.
  • Get insights into how simulators work, with an introduction to VCS. Also, learn about the different types of ASICs.
  • Receive a comprehensive overview of Verilog.
  • Learn about combinatorial circuits, followed by sequential circuits.
  • Understand coding styles and simulation/synthesis mismatches.


  • One Year of Digital Logic Design: Solid foundation in digital logic principles.

  • One Year of C Language: Proficiency in C or equivalent programming experience.

  • Verilog Familiarity: Basic knowledge of Verilog is expected.

class schedule

  • Duration: 8 Weeks

  • Timing: Weekly Classes, 9 AM to 11:30 AM PST

cost of training

Cost of the complete 8 weeks training is USD 399 only

Class Project

As a part of the course, participants will undertake a hands-on project where they will design a 32-bit CPU. This immersive project is not just an exercise but a core part of the learning experience, designed to reinforce the theoretical concepts covered in our curriculum. You'll gain practical experience that goes beyond the classroom, preparing you for real-world engineering tasks.

  • Integrate Theory and Practice: Solidify your understanding by designing a 32-bit CPU.
  • Hands-on Project: Gain practical experience in CPU architecture and design.
  • Project-Based Learning: Enhance learning through a project that mirrors industry practices.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Complete the course with a portfolio-ready project.

Receive a Certificate and Exclusive T-Shirt

Celebrate your success! Complete the course and get a NY State-Licensed Certificate, plus a special edition T-shirt to showcase your achievement. We'll send you details on how to download your certificate and claim your T-shirt. Wear your accomplishment with pride and share it with your network on LinkedIn.


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