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About Us

Imparé is a center of excellence in ASIC verification, offering specialized chip verification services to clients across various industries. Our team of experienced engineers undergoes extensive training and works under the guidance of our skilled management team.

At Imparé, we understand the critical role silicon plays in today's digital economy. A tiny mistake in the design process can be fatal, which is why experience, methodology, and process are essential. We provide layers of processes, methodology, and project management on top of our specialized training to deliver high-quality silicon.

Company of JBS

Imparé is a company of Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited which is a system integrator based out of the MENAP region that provides its customers with creative Information Technology solutions to cater to their business challenges. JBS and the Jaffer group hold a legacy that dates back 150 years. The company’s pursuit for excellence has enabled JBS to win the hearts of more than 200 customer organizations locally and driven the company to continue serving its customers with a passion for growth through innovation.

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Faisal Haque

Our Founder

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Faisal Haque, the founder of Imparé, is a distinguished industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in verification and design at tech giants like Intel, Cisco, and Qualcomm. He has an impressive portfolio of achievements, including co-chairing the SystemVerilog sub-committee and authoring three books on design and verification.

Faisal's expertise has contributed to the production of more than 10 high-profile products, including the Intel 80486, Cisco CRS-1, Bay Networks Centillion switches, Qualcomm LTE basebands (4 generations), and Juniper packet processing engines. His work on the Cisco CRS-1 set a Guinness world record for the highest-capacity internet router ever developed at 92 terabits throughput. At Qualcomm, Faisal improved the post-silicon quality of baseband hardware by 10X in a five-year period.

Faisal is a thought leader in his field and has published over 15 articles/papers in industry conferences and publications. He has also led over 15 chip tape-outs, showcasing his expertise in chip design and verification. His visionary leadership has been the driving force behind Imparé, and his industry experience is the foundation for the company's success.

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partnership with

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At Imparé, we're proud to have established a strong partnership with Synopsys, a Fortune 500 company and leading provider of electronic design automation software. Through our collaboration with Synopsys, we're able to leverage the latest tools and technologies to deliver high-quality chip design and verification services to our clients. This partnership is just one example of our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and delivering best-in-class solutions to our customers.

Design Center Development

Imparé is collaborating with universities in Pakistan to develop chip design talent by utilizing its industry experience. We will focus on "front-end" services of verification, design, and architecture to address the shortage of design and design verification skills.

Our Commitment to Quality

We take pride in delivering high-quality silicon to our clients, and we do this by adhering to strong ethical values and industry standards. Our team has specialized training on top of their Master/Bachelor program coursework, and we provide layers of processes, methodology, and project management to ensure timely deliveries.